Young dancers set for US TV reality show

An American cable channel is making a reality TV series about children who dedicate their lives to Irish dancing competitions.
The eight-part series, to be called Irish Dancing Tweens, will follow children from dance schools and classes across America as they rehearse and perform in feiseanna.
TLC, formerly known as The Learning Channel, will broadcast the series in the USA next summer before showing it on international channels.
TLC say the came up with the idea after the success of Jig, the documentary about dancers preparing for the 2010 Irish Dance Championships. TLC has hired Sue Bourne, the director of Jig, as a consultant on Irish Dancing Tweens. The network has also acquired the rights to air the documentary.
Thanks to Michael Flatley and Riverdance, said Sue, “There must be half a million Irish dancers worldwide and a lot of them are in America.”
“TLC is excited to share this subculture of dance with our audience,” TLC’s General Manager Amy Winter said in the statement. “Irish jig (sic) dancing is a global phenomenon and the series will reveal the world behind the sport in a compelling combination of heart and competition.”
”The network is known for series like “19 Kids and Counting,” “Extreme Couponing” and, in particular, “Toddlers and Tiaras,” which has been criticised as being tacky and exploitative.

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  1. Kimberly Hogan says:

    I would like to know how they are going to follow these kids into an actual feis?? As a parent I am not allowed to film nor take still photos of m child during competition. How will TLC be allowed to do this? Is it fair if they will be allowed and we as parents can’t?
    I feel the rules that have applied for years and years about filming duringa feis should apply to TLC, and they should not be allowed cameras inside the actual competitions.

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